The market for British inshore fishermen to sell their catch to every buyer in the chain.

The Pesky Marketplace enables you to source your fish directly from British inshore boats and producers. This means you can buy the species and volume you need and have it delivered whole or filleted, all within 48 hours of it being landed.

A better industry for buyers

Home Cook

Buy the best, freshest seafood, direct from the fishermen the moment it’s landed. 


Wholesalers, merchants or fishmongers can source fish directly from British day boats across the UK in real time as it lands.


Source the fastest, freshest seafood, directly from British day boats, the moment it’s landed. 

A better industry for sellers

Boats and Producers

Sell your day's landings to a market of thousands of buyers across the country and receive the best possible price for your catch.

Port Authorities

Support for your existing operation and providing access to thousands of buyers in the chain.

Market Benefits


Access the single market for all boats and buyers - with the ability to source multiple boxes as well as individual fish.


Use our pioneering fish forecast to anticipate landings up to 5 days in advance.


An unrivalled consistency of quality as a result of sourcing directly from the boat.


Pesky's 100% traceable chain means you know the fisherman who catches your fish.

Find out what's landing

Meet the skippers, producers and the boats who land to our market. Discover what’s in season, and how we use data to inform our ‘fish forecaster’.