Revolutionise your seafood dishes by sourcing directly from the largest network of inshore fishermen and producers.

Now every chef can be a market buyer - with access to the landings from the best inshore fishermen and producers from across the country.

Whether buying a single fish or an entire box - experience unparalleled quality with a traceability story on every plate of food you serve.

How does it work?

We make our fishermen's catch visible to you as it lands on our app and deliver it directly to your kitchen, Monday-Friday. No storage, no waste - just 100% traceability from catch to plate and the most phenomenal fish inside every box.  

What does it involve?

Once you're signed up to buy through Pesky, you'll receive a list of what's landing in real time, as well as a forecast of what's due to arrive that evening/early morning. Depending on where you are in the country, we then pack, ship and deliver that fish between 24*-48 hours from landing, with a unique provenance story in every box.  

*Depending on whether you order in the evening or the morning


The biggest market of inshore fishermen and producers - giving you access to the best British wet fish, shellfish, aquaculture and smoked produce.

See the fleet's landings in real time via the Pesky app, with nationwide delivery in as little as 24 hours from landing.


Our pioneering fish forecast allows you to plan your inventory based on what’s due to land over the next 5 days - helping you source as efficiently as possible while dramatically reducing inventory waste.


Our amazing port team prepare and pack your fish as soon as it lands - delivering an unbeatable level of quality and consistency with every order.


The Pesky Market ensures 100% transparency so you know the skipper of the boat you’re sourcing your fish from.