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Want to know the difference between a Bass and a Bream? Lost with your Lobster? Don't flounder, we're here to help! Start by having a trawl through our FAQs below.


1. Has the website been updated?

Yes and we're really excited about it! We're at the beginning of what we hope will be a series of fantastic improvements for you shopping at our morning market. If there is ever anything you'd like to see please do get in touch as we're all ears!

2. Why aren't my login details working since the website was updated?

As you may have noticed, we've had a bit of website refresh this week! Due to the security measures we have protecting your account details, we unfortunately haven't been able to migrate your old account information over to the new website. Simply recreate a new account and you'll be back up and running again!

Fish Preparation

1. Can I have my fish filleted?

Absolutely! When selecting each fish, you can choose exactly how you'd like us to send it, whether whole or filleted. Our amazing team of filleters then expertly prepare your fish the following morning before packing it in your box.

2. How do I know how many people each fish will feed?

As our fishermen land fish of all sizes, we've gone through each and every one to work out roughly how many people a single fish (or pack) would feed and detailed this information in the product description.

3. Do I always buy a whole fish from a fisherman?

Yes! As you're buying your fish directly from the fisherman, that whole fish is yours! However, instead of sending a metre long whopper, we can fillet and prepare the fish to however best suits you.

4. Will my fish always be the size that I've bought?

As our boats catch all shapes and sizes of fish each day, we can never be prescriptive on the exact size. However, knowing how many people buy a certain amount of fish to create their meals - and how frustrating it is when you're left short - we've labelled each fish close to the bottom of the size boundary so that when it arrives, more often than not you'll have the bonus of more fish!

There is a 16% tolerance so there may be the odd time when it's a little bit less than the weight you've chosen, but we always keep it to less than 75g of filleted meat.


1. What is the cost of delivery?

If you buy over £35 of our fishermen's catch, overnight delivery from port to door is free! However, if you're just after a few little treats from the day's landings, a smaller box only costs £6.

2. Can I track my delivery?

Yes! Once your order has been packed and handed to our overnight courier partner, you will receive a text from DPD with your tracking number so you can follow your fish all the way home. If you have not received this message, please contact

Our Fleet 

1. How much of the value of my order goes back to the fishermen?

On average, fishermen earn an additional 30% vs selling at their local market and up to 500% more for abundant, sustainable species that have previously never had a market. As Pesky is a 100% transparent market for fishermen to sell to all points in the chain, the full value of the fish, after distribution costs, is returned back to boats. Therefore, by buying direct, you are actively supporting the people who put in the effort to catch your fish!

2. How sustainable is the seafood sold on Pesky?

Our fleet uses low impact catch methods, targets abundant sustainable species and sizes, and works within strict quotas. We actively turns away boats targeting e.g. cod, and those using high impact fishing methods such as beam trawling.

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