Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer at Pesky, you’ll be part of a friendly, supportive, and collaborative Digital team that works across every part of our platform and helps us modernise one of the biggest global supply chains.

About Pesky

Pesky was set up with a single ambition: to create an ecologically and economically sustainable industry for fish, fishermen and consumers. To deliver it, we are building a global supply chain where any fisherman can sell to any customer with 100% transparency.

Today, Pesky is a digital market for British inshore fishermen - enabling skippers to sell their catch to all buyers in the chain. By helping these buyers source catch directly from the boats, we are not only redefining their experiences of fresh fish, but enabling fishermen to achieve higher, fairer and more sustainable values for their catches.

Following the Covid crisis, digital by default has become everyone's reality and as a result our network of both boats and buyers has increased dramatically. As a result, we are heavily investing in our team and technology to expand our network to ports and buyers across the country.

What you'll be working on

Our digital offering began life in Pesky’s home ports (Hastings and Torbay) and marketplace operations. We eat our own dogfish, if you will. We are now on the journey to scale and modularise to meet the ambitions of the business, and allow it to incrementally add value to existing ports and marketplaces. We want to be national by the end of the year, and be international in the next - and we want you to be a part of this plan.

Within Digital, we have two main strands of development… FishOps and The Marketplace.
FishOps tracks the physical movement of fish so we know where every crate came from, where it currently is, and where it’s going.
The Marketplace manages inventory availability, takes orders in, fulfils them effectively, and enables the commercial (e.g. invoicing, packing and shipping, paying the boats) and regulatory (e.g. reporting to the MMO and export certification) aspects.
As a developer, you will have the opportunity to work on both strands, with the opportunity to focus as we grow.

About the Tech (Team and Stack)

You’ll be joining a team of 6 (or more by the time you read this) growing to 10-12. We shape and own our own roadmap, support the applications we take live, and generally take responsibility for the outcomes we commit to. We are a new, forming team, and our Ways of Working are developing towards XP-style agile (e.g. TDD, CI/CD, delivering outcomes rather than features), with a healthy dose of Lean and systems thinking.
Our current stack is mostly JavaScript (migrating to TypeScript) - Node, GraphQL and various FE frameworks, running on AWS, with some 3rd party services mixed in. We are building new functionality in Typescript. As we grow in more directions and replace more of our no/low-code infrastructure, it’s open to change as we continue to choose the best tools for the job.

About you (mindset and approach)

  • You are inquisitive and like to learn new skills and to broaden your expertise
  • You actively share knowledge and learnings with the team. This can take many forms, from pair programming to running lunch and learn sessions to ensuring our platform is well documented, and anything in between.
  • You are comfortable working in a startup. Directions can change quickly and decisions are made with less than perfect information, and often as a team co-creation effort.
  • You see diversity as an opportunity to broaden your horizons and to discover new ways to be inclusive
  • You work hard to maintain an open and transparent dialogue across the business, and encourage everyone to constructively engage with decision-making.

About you (skillset and experience)

We are looking for mid and senior level developers. What do we mean by that? You've a demonstrable track record of delivering to production and can speak to your role in the process. At this level, we expect you to be involved and/or making key architectural and design decisions, and recommending technology choices. We are interested in how you decide whether to buy or build new software, how you engage with Product and UX, and write code (principles and practices). We care more about what you've delivered, what impact you made and less about years at the keyboard.
The more you can demonstrate your willingness to take on responsibility and be accountable for the results, the more senior we view you. Alongside that, we strive to be a learning organisation. Part of seniority is the ability to encourage and nurture that, so we look for the ability to mentor and lead by example.
Experience in any of the following isn’t necessary, but will help you hit the ground running….
  - Designing applications working with Product and UX, and incorporating feedback and further inputs
  - Delivering applications into the hands of users using JavaScript, Node, and GraphQL. Extra points for TypeScript.
  - Digitising analogue processes, especially for a supply-chain. It’s one of our two core value propositions to the industry, and knowledge here will help you understand what we are trying to achieve as a business.
  - Building marketplaces is also one of our core value propositions. Knowing the whole of a marketplace is more than just the sum of the transactions flowing through it, you’ll help us find new and interesting ways to find value for our buyers, our sellers, and Pesky itself.

Where we're based

We are a keen adopters of hybrid working. When in the office, the Digital team is based in our office in Central London, near Farringdon. Occasional travel to meet the people using our systems in the ports is encouraged, and may be required upon occasion (think about it as your wellbeing coastal break!).

We are currently working remotely due to COVID-19 and are still working out our future hybrid working principles and back-to-the-office plan. 


If you’re excited about what we are doing and have some relevant experience, we’d really love to hear from you. We will always decide employment based on a broad range of skills and potential. It’s important to us that as a team we reflect the diversity of the people we feed.
We are open to flexible working arrangements and aim to facilitate any requirement you might have to maintain your work-life balance. On that note - our office is dog friendly!
If you’re interested in the opportunity, please contact